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Black Sheep Design Finland - Jimmy Doyle

Born and raised on the flat sheep fields of Kildare, Ireland, inspired a sense of adventure, to seek out, to explore, to understand. At a young age I always wanted to know more, to find out how everything worked, which meant all toys were taken apart with a vested interest of finding out what made it tick. 

This compulsion led to a fascination in art and pushed me to study Graphic Design and Photography. Having an eye for wanting to understand the mechanics of everything inspired my designs and photos. 

Breaking down a photo or design into its basic elements and rebuilding it all over again with the intent of making it better. I  combined this will my love of colour and how it can express a mood or a feeling.

After many years of working as an Art Director my photography took a back seat and the desire to be the best took over. A chance meeting, a right-time-right-place moment happened and I picked up my camera again. 

The years of designing had brought a new, unexplored, understanding of photography and how to capture the true emotions and reactions of people in their environment. I count myself lucky to have shot beside and rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest sports photographers in the world and to be inspired to never give up and follow your dreams.

My style of photography has been described as capturing “the whole event in a very intimate, subtle way and we didn’t even notice you the whole night”.

This is my style the “ninja photographer” hiding in the shadows ready to pounce to capture that smile, that interaction, that moment.

There is also the other side, the professional studio style of photo. It doesn’t always feel natural for most people to stand in front of a camera. This is where I work my hardest – putting person at ease in a very friendly and easy-going manner to get them to the place where they relax and forget about the camera – and become themselves.

When it comes to sports, I am pushing hard to show the athlete, their sport and their environment in one action packed shot. 

Climbing trees, lying in a muddy field, standing neck high in a lake is all in a normal day, but understanding the athlete, the sport and the movement of the body is what I crave most in capturing and creating the shot.

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