This is a demo page of the Irish Heritage Finland platform for promoting Irish culture

About Me

Born and raised on the flat sheep fields of Kildare and living for 20 years in Finland I want to establish a network that serves as a vibrant hub for Ireland’s heritage within Finland. Irish Heritage Finland is an information portal where Irish artists, musicians, sports, and events will have a home to network and promote themselves. 

With my Irish roots deeply embedded within me, I am driven by an unwavering love for Irish culture, complemented by over two decades of extensive experience in photography, film, graphic design, and marketing in promoting Irish culture.  


When it comes to the budget I understand the importance of managing it efficiently to ensure the sustainability of operations while delivering excellent value for money. In the first year, I will invest in essential setup costs such as computers and web design to establish a solid foundation for the network. As I progress into subsequent years, the focus shifts towards ongoing expenses like web hosting, subscriptions, maintenance, venue/equipment rental, and travel expenses. With over 20 years of professional experience in web design, I can assure that the costs offer exceptional value for money. While the normal rate for web design services ranges from €80-€100 per hour, my expertise allows me to provide top-quality services at competitive rates, maximizing the impact of every euro spent. The investment in Irish Heritage Finland goes a long way in promoting and celebrating Irish culture in Finland and beyond.